• Smart PSA

Intelligent systems in personal protective equipment.

Firefighter 4.0

A fire brigade jacket equipped with the FloriaX system increases the safety of every firefighter.

Temperature sensor inside
Temperature sensor outside
Heart rate sensor
LED lighting


pulse measurement

body temperature

temperature monitoring
the jacket and surroundings


LED lighting


Encrypted data communication via WiFi and LoRa-WAN

GPS tracking

Real altimeter measurement


According to the manufacturer, the jacket remains washable

Defective elements can be replaced (pulse sensor, LEDs, temperature sensors)

All electronic items are specially protected against heat, flame and water

Jacket activates as soon as it is put on.

In planning

GPS-independent positioning system with real-time display on the FloriaX platform.
(No hardware upgrade will be necessary)


Cloud-based platform for logistics and operations coordination


Display of all units in use

  • Complete logistics and operation coordination
  • Overview of the forces deployed with qualifications
  • Alarm when a critical state is reached
  • Standard interfaces for third-party manufacturers to connect external peripherals
  • Control of smart devices
  • Building information on demand

The FloriaX platform is portable across multiple instances. Here, the standard data is passed on to the next higher authority.
Examples: Damage events between two districts, so two districts can connect and see a general overview of the units.

Fire brigade -> district -> states -> federal government

The platform offers the opportunity to get a general overview of the vehicles and units currently in use throughout Germany.


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Further developments

Firing vest 600x450

Intelligent ballistic protection

The system can be built into any standard vest without modification.

The system detects a shot entering and transmits a direct alarm to the platform with the location of the carrier.


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